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The UltraFlow system combines a sonic-based flow meter with a communications module to allow oil and gas operators to measure and transmit flow information from remote locations. UltraFlow gives operators the power to know exactly what is happening with flow streams from any well, facility, pipeline by allowing the tracking of any pipe-contained fluid movement with unprecedented ease, accuracy, and flexibility.

As with all FlowCommand products, no additional equipment or expertise is needed to start bringing your oil field online. UltraFlow installs with zero pipe intrusion, zero external power, and zero telemetry or SCADA system are needed. This is made possible by a number of breakthroughs and innovations pioneered by FlowCommand.

The technology behind UltraFlow:

The primary mechanism for reading activity in the pipe is through the ultrasonic acoustic waves sent and received by the transducer. The proprietary onboard processor examines changes in frequency of the sound waves, as well as the amount of time they take to be reflected back to the sensor. From the profile of these sound waves, a mix of on-board and cloud-based algorithms compute a fluid velocity in the pipe.

Unlike most sonic-based metering systems that require significant amounts of external power, UltraFlow uses algorithms to intelligently and dynamically manage its power system; this system allows the sensor to automatically manage it’s own power usage and supply merely with a solar panel the size of a tablet. And as with all FlowCommand sensors, the UltraFlow series sensors collect relevant data throughout the operation and sends it to cloud based software via satellite.