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The VoluSense system combines a radar-based level sensor with a communications and power module to allow oil and gas operators to measure and transmit information about stored fluid in remote locations. VoluSense gives operators the power to know exactly how much fluid is in a tank, entering a tank, or exiting a tank at any moment. And as always, all this data is available to you anywhere there is an internet connection. This revolutionary technology instantly delivers volume sensing at 1/10th the cost of traditional systems.

And as with all FlowCommand products, no additional equipment or expertise is needed to start bringing your oil field online. VoluSense installs with zero modification needed to your existing tanks - simply screw the radar antenna into any standard 2” NPT port on the top of your tank, mount the solar panel and CPU unit, and all data about the fluid in your tank will be online. There are no extra steps. No external power, telemetry, or SCADA systems are needed. This is made possible by a number of breakthroughs and innovations pioneered by FlowCommand.

Benefits and uses of VoluSense:

- Use our web applications to view the status of your tanks on any computer or smartphone

- Automatically receive alarms via email or SMS when the fluid in your tank reaches a dangerous height

- Alarms whenever your tank is showing signs of a leak

- Alarms whenever a hauler pulls fluid from the tank with the exact amount he or she pulled

- Receive reporting on exactly how much fluid enters and leaves any tank with VoluSense