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VeriFlow sensors utilize the most powerful platform in IIOT devices. Unlike other flow meters and SCADA systems, VeriFlow is a plug-and-play solution that allows operators to instantly install ultra low cost flow monitoring. With FlowCommand’s pincode security system, it also allows operators can verify a flow's destination via a simple keypad and screen interface. Below are a few examples of use cases:

VeriFlow for water hauler pickup points:

FlowCommand research has shown water hauler invoices charge an average overage of 11%. VeriFlow allows operators to automatically verify field tickets, generate hauler invoices, and eliminate overages altogether. VeriFlow can be paired seamlessly with TrackMob for complete monitoring capability. Click here for more information.

VeriFlow for fast lines:

VeriFlow can be used with lay-flat or pipelines during the drilling, completion, or production processes to automatically allocate fluid volumes. Use VeriFlow to validate SWD tickets, freshwater supply tickets, or regulatory compliance documents instantly.